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Minnesota Yoga Workshops - January

January 11, 2018

 I have a few Minnesota yoga workshops that I'm excited to share! 

2k18: Be the Change


January is a month of transition in multiple ways. From ringing in a new year to settling into winter--particularly in Minnesota--it's easy to let fatigue get the best of us, and let our intentions, resolutions, and goals quickly fall to the wayside. 


This workshop, taking inspiration from the Mahatma Gandhi quote, is about learning how to overcome those internal blockages we put up, oftentimes unknowingly. Licensed therapist, Samantha Praus, will walk through some coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices that will help participants stay focused and engaged. I'll walk through a relaxing soma yoga practice designed to release tension and reduce stress. 


This workshop has been a long time coming. Samantha and I have been friends for nearly two decades, and have a rapport that I've never experienced with other friendships. We've seen each other through a lot and both arrived at a place where we feel able to provide the most good to people. 


Register through Eventbrite! 



Sip Sip: Yoga+ Wine


What's missing from the Minnesota yoga scene? More wine and yoga pairings. 


We'll work our way through three wines, paired with nosh selected to bring out surprising or different elements. After that, we'll sink into a relaxing soma yoga practice. Simple, zero-stress, and all you have to do is show up! (and be 21+)


Last month, I did a trial run just before the new year. It sold out quickly, and in 2018, I plan on exploring making it a monthly thing. I know that there are some practitioners out there who believe alcohol and yoga is a no-go. However, these are two of my passions, and I love being able to tie the two together!


Ready to register? Sign up through Eventbrite!


Got ideas for workshops you'd like to see? Comment below!

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