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The Blue Blood Moon & Manifesting

January 30, 2018



There's a lot happening in Minnesota this week. Most prominently is the impending Super Bowl. Second most prominently (for me) is the January 31 super, blue, blood moon total lunar eclipse which is key to manifesting. 


This is the first time it's happened in North America in over 150 years. Per Elephant Journal, full moons are always energetically potent, powerful, creative, and intensely magical times. And to be honest, it's not just them perpetuating this idea. Lots of research has been done on the effects of lunar rhythms on organisms, including our own bodies. The moon in perigee, coupled with these events, promises to bring supercharged lunar energy into our midsts. 


This full moon is also taking place at the end of the Leo phase, marking turning points and inspiring us to harness that inner monarch (leo=lion=king of the jungle, right?). This might not look like you think it sounds. As we embark on a new six month chapter, let go of whatever is holding you back.

Making the Most of the Blue Blood Moon


Taking ownership of our lives means taking time for ourselves. To truly assess how *we* are doing. When we're tired, burnt out, frustrated, sad, and just low on energy, period--everything else in our lives suffers. From work to relationships to our physical health. 


The passing of Leo is the perfect time to release ourselves from these feelings as well. Let go of old patterns of behavior and look to establish new ones that will take you wherever you want to go.  What do you want to bring into your life over the next six months? How can we align the desires of our heart and soul with the universe?


Manifesting Your Destiny


Elephant Journal offers these suggestions for bringing your manifestation to light: 

  • Clear out resistance and any doubtful and fearful repetitive thinking.

  • Ensure that our thoughts and feelings are aligned; otherwise, we send confusing mixed messages.

  • Let go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, as they are draining and lower our vibration.

  • Write down a plan and be absolutely clear about what we hope to achieve over the next six months—and beyond, if called to do so—and ensure it includes a step-by-step guide to bring us closer to our goals.

  • Trust the process. And also, trust your intuition and inherent inner ability to safely guide your journey. The soul knows where it is going; the trick is to silence the noisy, worrying mind.

  • Meditate daily and reaffirm your intentions with a positive mindset.

  • We must work hard and put in maximum effort to reach our goals, so that whatever we hope to manifest has the greatest opportunity to fruition.

  • Each time you receive a sign that the manifestation is working, send gratitude to the universe for co-creating and aligning energy so that your plans fluidly flow.

  • It is highly recommended to meditate as often as possible during a full moon and to carry out a manifestation ritual to kick-start plans into action.

What's your manifesting strategy with this blue blood moon rising?

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