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Corporate Yoga in Minnesota

April 3, 2018


Corporate yoga, or workplace yoga, is a growing trend. As businesses become more attuned to how much engaging in wellness programs for employees can do for their bottom line, more experimental programs have emerged. Yoga classes as a wellness benefit can have great effects on a workplace, including increased creativity and productivity. 


Corporate Yoga Effects


It's one thing to promote standing workstations and walking meetings. These things can positively affect your employees health, but look at taking it to the next level. Providing access to activities will engage them in new ways.  Providing yoga and/or meditation a normal part of the workday is a great way to: 

  • Help them de-stress
    We've all had things that come up and drive up the cortisol levels, aka the stress hormone. This results in poor decision-making, tight muscles and an inability to let go of tension - all things that contribute not only to bad workplace performance but poor health as well. A midday yoga session is a great way to detach from a situation, relax, and come back to it with a clear head. 

  • Increase creativity and higher functioning
    Workplace yoga classes can be like an adult recess time. Classes can be designed in different ways with different goals - from a regimented flow to one with options and variations, allowing attendees more freedom in their movements.  Additionally, the extra motion gets the blood pumping vs sitting in a chair all day. All of these serve to reinvigorate the mind and enhance oxygen consumption. Which in turn enhance productivity. 

  • Increase health & employee retention
    As a workout in and of itself, yoga taught to multi-levels can provide more than just an outlet for stress and increasing workplace productivity. Offering corporate yoga also helps employees find ways to move more during the day while stretching muscles that get tight in front of a computer all day long.  Additionally, studies show that employees are less likely to leave jobs that offer great wellness programs like workplace yoga. It gives them a chance to relax during the day, whether they choose to practice in the morning, over lunch, or before the commute home. Something they might not get otherwise. 


Bring Workplace Yoga to Your Organization


Minnesconsin Yoga is excited to partner with organizations to add a yoga class to their wellness benefits. Whether it's a daily class or a weekly one, I can work with your needs and budget to arrive at the right package. Contact Meghan today =]

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