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Free Yoga in Minnesota

June 18, 2018



Being outside is good for you. Seriously. And practicing yoga outdoors doubles those benefits. 


I've written before on proprioception, and how it ties into your yoga practice.  Need a refresher? The medical definition: 


The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Even if a person is blindfolded, he or she knows through proprioception if an arm is above the head or hanging by the side of the body. The sense of proprioception is disturbed in many neurological disorders. It can sometimes be improved through the use of sensory integration therapy, a type of specialized occupational therapy.


While yoga isn't an official form of sensory integration therapy, there are commonalities. Yoga soothes the sensory system and engages the relaxation response; body and spatial awareness is enhanced; and the entire practice is driven by both breath and self awareness. While a studio is a great place to bring these things under control, taking the practice outside is a way to heighten the practice. 


As an offshoot of that idea, we'll move outside the controlled studio experience into the wild. Well, as wild as St. Paul, Minnesota gets. There might be some deer and geese. But mostly, probably, just a few bugs and dewy grass in a wide open space with room to expand. Literally and figuratively


Opportunities for Outdoor Practice

There are a couple classes running outside this summer, both on weekends: 

Stay up-to-date with any potential cancellations by following me on Facebook or Twitter!


It's also a good idea to check up on some of the tips I've shared in the past about practicing outdoors. Being mindful of sun, time of day, and staying hydrated are all key to a comfortable practice vs one where you're basically wishing you weren't parched/too hot/etc.


Additionally, I will be hosting a series of outdoor workshops at Battle Creek Regional Park, including wine tastings and sunrise yoga! Check out the established workshops; more to come =D I'm especially excited to be able to return to the wine sessions. I'm formulating a post tying these different things together in a way that makes sense to me, and how I see this liquid enhancing a practice. 


Practice with Me

Stress, anxiety, and other challenges can easily sway the attention of any student. Some days it's easy to stay focused; other days, it's an internal Battle of the Bastards. And while it might seem like there's more to distract you outside, my goal is to help you understand how to take it in and learn to self-soothe via these outlets. 


See you soon!



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