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July 4: Hamilton Yoga

June 25, 2018

 I've always loved the personality that shines through in yoga classes. Especially when it comes to themed classes. It's always fun to take something in which you're interested, or something which has been on your mind, and then expand it out into an hourlong practice. And when it resonates with your audience? Cherry on top. That's why it's awesome to be an instructor with a great platform and a space in which to pursue some cool ideas. Hamilton Yoga was born of the opportunities this summer!


On July 4, 2018, I'm running Rise Up! "Hamilton" Themed Yoga! We'll kick off at 9am in Battle Creek Regional Park (here's our exact location - nearby parking!) and flow to the tunes of Lin Manuel Miranda & co. Singing along is optional but encouraged. Participants will receive a little Independence Day themed gift bag and maybe some red, white and blue popsicles (10am isn't too early, is it?)


I'm having a blast so far working out how I'm going to integrate lyrics into cues and lining up tunes with the flow. But if you have any ideas for super great puns or things like that, comment!! 


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