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What Yoga Workshops Do YOU Want?

October 17, 2018


Yogis! What kind of yoga workshops and yoga classes do you want to see?


I'm working through my winter 2018-2019 programming, and with my somayoga intensive sessions coming up and... You know, winter blues in general, it's time to start creating things to which we can look forward. 


Please complete the survey and let me know what options would work best for you. All yoga sessions will be held around St. Paul and Woodbury, Minnesota, but I'm interested in any feedback, from wherever you might be! Additionally, as a thank you for completing the survey, I will send you a discount code for 50% off the next workshop of your choice! 


Here are some of the things I have on my mind: 

  • Sunday night *reset* classes in the form of candlelight somayoga restorative yoga classes. So excited about this one; I'm hoping for good responses on this!

  • A holiday practice and wreath-making workshop. I haven't told my resident wreath maker about this yet...!

  • Yoga classes incorporating functional nutrition tips, cranio-sacral therapy, bullet journaling, acupressure, self care practices, and general wellness. Literally unlimited options here. Leave your comments below or in the survey on what you're interested in learning more about!

  • Themed yoga events. You might remember Hamilton Yoga from earlier this year. It was a mega fun practice both to teach and sequence. I'd love to create more classes timed with events and things happening in MN!

And, of course, the standard favorites - wine and yoga, astrological-timed yoga and meditation, etc. I'm looking forward to learning more about what the community wants, and how I can best serve my students!


What are some yoga classes or yoga workshops you'd like to see? What self care tips or interests can you share? Comment below. Or better yet, in the survey!


PS I'm always open to combining talents to create unique experiences. Let me know if you're interested in cohosting an event!







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