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Manifesting Without the Blood Moon

February 12, 2019

The January 20, 2019 blood moon was spectacular in a lot of ways. Particularly as it is the last one we'll see in North America for a few years (May 26, 2021 to be exact). But as the celestial bodies continue their rotations, it gives us time to reflect and manifest what we want to bring into reality.


Manifesting might sound like new age hooey. But we all do it, intentionally or not. Anytime you've wished for something to happen, and then it arises in front of you? A job, an opportunity, a spare $20 in your pocket? It's all intertwined. Manifesting gives you agency in a world that tempts you chalk everything up to luck or coincidence. 


Saying "this is what I want and I choose it completely" is a powerful thing. To build your conscious manifesting practice before the energy of the next blood moon comes back around, here are some adapted principles from Sylvia Salow. In my own manifesting practice, I rely more on the sense of self to see things come into fruition rather than relying on some sort of cosmic interference. It's very much about believing that you can have whatever you want; it's just going to take work and applied practice to get there. 

  1. What's your vision?
    You can't create a roadmap without knowing the destination, right? Take the time to drill down on what *it* is that you want to bring into your life. Whether it's something tangible or more esoteric or otherwise; take some step to help define your vision that you want to manifest by the next blood moon. Journaling helps. Talking about it helps. Getting it out of your head helps.

  2. Bring clarity to your intention.
    Once you have your vision laid out, land on a specific intention. There are plenty of formats out there to adopt for your own use. One that my 200 RYT instructor, Maria Toso, shared that I use frequently is 

    I am so happy and pleased now that ______________ is in my life. 

    I love it because it's packed with powerful, positive words and the phrasing is malleable. If you're having trouble landing on something, consider listening to some guided meditations for inspiration - I highly recommend Insight Timer!

  3. Believe it is meant to be yours. 
    So often we fall into the trap that we don't deserve something we want. We're not smart enough, capable enough, skinny enough, whatever your particular mindtrap might be. And when we think about this from a practical standpoint, why would something we secretly don't think can happen come to us? 

    It's a mind game, for sure. And one that's worth investing the time to win. If you're struggling with believing that your intention, your vision, is meant to be yours, sit with those feelings and see what arises. Consider talking to someone trusted about it - sometimes an outside perspective can help. The only to get over it is to move through it. 

  4. Align your actions with your goal.
    This is hugely important, and might be one of the hardest things on the list.  Manifesting is helpful for your mindset but it doesn't give you everything. As you define your vision, what needs to happen to get there? If you want a job in a new field, how can you gain experience in that field? If you want to become healthier, what changes do you need to make in your diet and activity level? 

    There are always some very real things that need to happen alongside manifesting to truly see your vision come to life. It doesn't happen without work.

  5. Let go, keeping faith that what you manifest will come when it's right.
    One of the niyamas of yoga is ishvara pranidhana: the power of surrender.  In the a literal sense, it's about surrendering to the higher spirit (whatever that might mean to you), letting go of ego and feelings of separateness. Yeah, it's a big thing.

    Manifesting is a practice of self reflection, patience and surrendering. Allowing yourself to believe that some things are just really out of your hands, and having faith that it will happen when it's meant to, and being okay with that. It's not excuse to lose heart and give up; it's just the opposite, really.

  6. Create a supportive reality.
    Who or what supports you? Engaging in the practice of manifesting has, as you might notice, can take a lot of resources. But all the journaling, meditation, mindfulness, and positivity can be for nought if we're not able to create a supportive reality. 

    What does that look like?

    Well, it's different for everyone. One thing that I've found is helpful in different ways is sharing what I'm manifesting. When I was in high school, and had no idea what manifesting really was, I wanted to go to Europe. I was (am!) a huge francophile and shared it with everyone. I talked about it with teachers, wrote about it in my essays and journals, obsessed over Moulin Rouge and Les Miserables and anything by Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Anais Nin, Sartre, Descartes, and so on. And in my junior year, my school--for the first time--organized a trip to Europe. I saved every penny, my grandmother saved a dollar a day for me, my aunt sent money, and it happened. 

    I know there are a lot of ways to interpret this. But in my mind, you can chalk it up to a series of coincidences or that I helped make this happen. 

If you're ready to build a manifesting process, and don't know if you have someone who you can talk to, I'm here. Without judgement =] 






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